The Ultimate Dog Seat Cover

Seat Cover with Tan Mat
Seat Cover with Dark Brown Mat
Seat Cover with Gray Mat
Seat Cover with Black Mat
  • Detachable Fleece Mat
    • Less Anxiety for Dogs
    • Provides traction so dog can walk without slipping
    • Soothing – promotes dog sleeping
    • Multiple Colors
    • Easy to Clean
    • Seat Cover lasts longer
  • Hammock Option
    • Less Dog Injuries
  • Heavy Duty Construction
    • Lasts Longer
  • Leather Reinforced Adjustable Nylon Straps
    • Easy to install
    • Can use with big dogs
    • Fits most cars and trucks
  • Quick Release Clips
    • Quick and easy installation
  • Seat Anchors
    • Seat Cover looks fitted and custom
    • Less Dog Anxiety because seat cover stays in place
  • Seat Belt Access
    • Passengers can sit in back seat (dont use hammock option)
    • Can use Dog Seat Belt Leashes 
  • Waterproof
    • Seats are protected
  • Non-slip Backing
    • Seat cover does not move – less dog anxiety
  • Side Flaps
    • Protects seat sides against scratches
  • Cross Stitched Back
    • Custom look
  • Large Storage Pocket
    • On Drivers Side
    • Stores bowls, food and toys
  • Nylon Storage Bag
    • Easy storage when not in use
    • Does not rip or tear easily
  • LIFETIME Guarantee